The following is a brief selection from our archives. We hope these will inspire others to join us in researching heritage topics and sharing them – with us and with the public.

The Millennium

Our Easter time Christian Art Exhibition comprised children’s and adults’ art plus professional work created by the Cornish firm Timothy Guy Design who loaned us their copies of the huge mosaics created for the Visitor Centre at St.Paul’s Cathedral’s.  In the summer we staged Celtic Art 2000, with every room in the house filled with examples of Celtic Art in modern times.  There was a Celtic Art trail around the town and we made and hung banners in the town until St Matthews Fair in the autumn.


We staged an exhibition relating to the re-enactment of Nelson’s victory messenger to King George III. After a speedy journey from Cornwall to London, the messenger, Lt.Lapenotier, was given a silver sugar sifter by the King, from his breakfast table.  The sugar sifter was inherited by descendants living in Menheniot and was given to Liskeard Town Council who displayed it in the Museum during this event. The re-enactment coach came to Liskeard, to a grand welcome ceremony, adding to the attraction of our event.

St.Matthew’s Fayre

This annual event at the end of September celebrates Liskeard’s Charter.  We add to the events taking place in the town hosting the Sealed Knot Civil War re-enactment group that performs in the garden.

The Olympics 2012

Day-long celebrations in the town on 19th May 2012, the first day of the Olympic Torch Relay, was supported by Stuart House members and open for visitors to enjoy refreshments in our sunny garden, awaiting the Torch that was carried through the town in the early evening. A thoroughly researched exhibition of Cornish Olympians from 1908 to the present day provided a special event of local interest during the Olympics.

Olympic Torch from the Lookout

Olympic Torch from the Lookout

The Olympics 2012 – in Weymouth

Our member, musician Carlton Crouch, represented Cornwall at the Weymouth venue, in the Cultural Olympiad – playing a variety of music including Cornish dance music for the visitors.