Civil War Museum. This is housed in the Trussed Room on the top floor. There are one or two genuine finds from the area, a canon ball, a stirrup, some pottery, but most of the artefacts shown are replicas. Informative panels around the walls tell the story of the war in south east Cornwall and its effect on Liskeard. There is also a photo of the original manuscript, written by Joseph Jane, the owner of the house, explaining why Cornish support flagged in 1645-6.

Civil War Birth. A room commemorating the birth of William Jane in the house in October 1645,during the Civil War is next door to the Museum. It has been furnished as it might have been when the boy was born. There are information boards around the room and elsewhere in the house describing many aspects of life at that time including hygiene, food and cooking, herbs and their uses, furniture, music and also giving information about the Jane family.

Henry Rice. There is an exhibition of photographs of some of the many buildings designed by Henry Rice in Liskeard in the mid 19th century. There is also a book, an album of photographs of his work for sale in Reception, price £8.