Rooms are available for hire, please view the options below, for price, size and details.

When booking for art and craft exhibitions, classes, workshops, sales, and meetings guidelines for donations

Room     per 4 hours per day  per 6 day week
Ground Floor (view floor plan)
The Surgery n/a £15.00 £65.00
The Old Kitchen (coffee room) n/a £15.00 n/a
The Servery (when used for catering) n/a £10.00 n/a
1st Floor (view floor plan)
The Max Lock Gallery £14.00 £22.00 £110.00
The Jane room £10.00 £15.00 £75.00
Kings Chamber £10.00  £15.00 n/a
2nd Floor (view floor plan)
The Trussed room £8.00 £13.00 £60.00
The Rowse room £8.00 £13.00 £60.00
Tudor Room £8.00 £13.00 n/a


For all bookings and enquiries, please contact the house manager

Conditions of Hire

These are available to download here (pdf document), and all bookings are accepted on the basis that the hirer has studied and accepts them.